Schreiner Oaks Society

Schreiner Oaks Society

The Schreiner University Board of Trustees honors all friends and former students who have included the University in their estate plans by naming them as members of the Schreiner Oaks Society.

Schreiner Oaks Society New members are recognized each year at the February Donor Recognition Schreiner Oaks Society banquet.

To become a member, simply notify the University that you have taken this step. You do not have to disclose the details of your plan. You will be asked to sign a simple letter of intent to confirm your decision and to let us know if your plan changes.

On the other hand, we stand ready to help you in any way, including sharing ideas with your professional advisors and illustrating specific plans for you and your family with our planned giving software. Schreiner offers a variety of tax-wise life income plans and estate planning options. We also welcome the opportunity to discuss specific needs/funding opportunities and levels of giving.